SONAX SX90 Multifunctional Oil - 5 Litre

SKU: 04745050

Product summary

Multi-functional oil with a lasting extreme lubricating effect. Ideal problem solver in the workshop and the household, loosens rusted parts or frees sticky mechanisms and protects against renewed corrosion.

This multi-purpose lubrication can be used as an ideal problem solver in the workshop and the household. Can be used as contact spray for ignition systems, dispels moisture, keeps electronic contacts clean, and prevents leakage currents.  

Size: 5 Litre

Product description

  • Multi-purpose lubricant that protects, lubricates and preserves sensitive parts of machinery.
  • Stops squeaks.
  • Dispels moisture.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Cleans electrical contacts
  • Loosens rusted parts.
  • Frees sticky mechanisms.