1000V Insulated Torque Wrench 3/8" Drive 5-25 N.m

SKU: EFO43138

Product summary

The Tolsen 1000V Insulated Torque Wrench is manufactured and tested to VDE specifications. It features a high-strength compact design with short reversing movement. 3/8" Drive with 5-25 N.m torque settings.

Product description

Product Code: EFO43138

Features of the Tolsen 1000V Insulated Torque Wrench include: 

3/8"DR 5-25 N.m
Compact Design
High Strength
Short reversing movement
80% more release travel after torque reached
Four cylindrical tumblers provide a durable locking function


1000V VDE IEC 60900
Torque ASME B107.14M and ISO6789
Accuracy is within +/- 5% in the clockwise (right-hand) direction.