Deb 1L Hand Sanitiser Starter Kit


Product summary

Product Code: MTA-CLE004

This complete dispenser and instant foam sanitiser bundle allows you to easily setup and access hand sanitiser. It is perfect for use in a variety of environments.

Product description

Bundle includes: 

1 x Dispenser unit

1 x 1L instant foam pure sanitiser cartridge

Dispenser features:

 - This dispenser holds 1 L cartridges.

 - It measures 130 W x 110 D x 230 H mm.

 - This dispenser comes with a key to lock and unlock it.

 - You can top up this dispenser with compatible refills

Hand Sanitiser Refill features:

 - This cartridge contains 1L of sanitiser.

 - It is ideal for use in food handling environments.

 - This hand sanitiser is alcohol based.

 - The foam will spread rapidly to ensure both hands and completely covered.

 - You do not need to use water with this foam.

 - It features a built-in conditioner so that your hands feel smooth and soft.