EFO 2 Pole Voltage / Continuity Tester


Product summary

The EFO 2 Pole Voltage / Continuity Tester can auto-select AC or DC voltage, has a voltage range from 12V to 1000V, and has a rubberised double-moulded housing.    

Product description

Product Code: EFOVT2

The 2 Pole Voltage / Continuity Tester has features that include:

  • Auto selects AC or DC voltage
  • Voltage test: 12V to 1000V AC/DC (8 LEDs) with indication by buzzer
  • Voltage range: 12V, 24V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V, 750V, 1000V
  • Test leads positioned 19mm apart
  • Polarity test: LED +/-
  • Audible continuity test
  • Self-test button to ensure proper functionality of the device prior to testing
  • Waterproof design, protection class: IP65
  • Phase / Neutral identification
  • Rubberised double-moulded housing
  • ELCB / RCD trip test
  • Safety Rating CATIV 600V / CATIII 1000V