Customise your Dual Licence Holder Sign: MVRL & MD

Is your business compliant?

All businesses holding a Motor Dealers Licence (MD), Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence (MVRL) or Motor Vehicle Recyclers Licence (MD) are required to display signage as per Clause 7 of the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014.

Order your sign below to ensure your business is compliant.

Your custom sign will populate on the screen below, all you need to do is to enter your details! Simply enter in your business details by typing the relevant information in the fields provided below.

We suggest you gain the correct information from Australian Business Register and/or Service NSW.

  • Licence Holder Name
  • Trading Name
  • Unique Licence Number e.g. for Motor Dealers MD123 or for Repairers MVRL456.

Please note MVTC licence numbers are not a valid licence for these licence holder signs and will be deemed by Fair Trading as non-compliant.

Please save a copy of your custom sign by pressing DOWNLOAD. When you have completed all of the fields and you are satisfied with your sign, please click SAVE TO ORDER ensuring you click ADD TO CART on the following screen.

Please remember that we don’t review your documents so please double check your PDF proof. If you are unsure of what information to put on your sign please contact us at prior to ordering your sign or alternatively please phone MTA NSW on 9016 9000.

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