SONAX Clear View 1:100 Windscreen Washer Concentrate

SKU: 03711000

Product summary

A highly effective concentrate cleaning additive, for your windscreen washer unit.

Handy pre-dosed 25 ml bottles of windscreen washer. Research and testing made it even more effective, against hard insect residue. Does not induce stress cracks in anti-glare headlights. Ideal for all headlamps and light diffusing plastic headlamps, in clear-glass optic. Has a pleasant fragrance.

Size: 25ml

Also available as a 25 x 25ml SONAX Clear View 1:100 Windscreen Washer Cleaner bottles with Counter Display

Product description

  • Economically premeasured: 25 ml bottle gives 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid.
  • Removes insects, oils, soot, silicone and dangerous blinding films from your windscreen quickly, while driving.
  • Clear vision in seconds.
  • Compatible with paint, rubber and plastics.
  • Phosphate-free!