TfNSW Authorised Safety Check Sign - Cars And Light Vehicles


Product summary

Product Code: MTA818

(This product replaces MTA513 RMS Safety Check Main Sign - Cars and Light Vehicles)

New composite aluminium panel material suitable for outdoors.

Safety Check Main Sign with "Cars and Light Vehicles" with updated logo.

Product description

TfNSW Authorised Safety Check Sign - Cars and Light Vehicles (45cm x 47.6cm)

Material: Composite Aluminium Panel.

The main sign must be displayed in accordance with the RMS requirements, AIS, unless it is a Fleet Inspection Station, must display a sign that is clearly visible to motorists. 

The ladder sign/s must be assembled below and abutting the main sign so that when viewed by motorists it will give the impression of a single sign. Where a particular inspection activity is no longer available to motorists, the ladder/s may require realignment to ensure they comply with the display requirements.